Club Articles

Taw & Torridge Camera Club Constitution

Effective from 4th April 2016

1) Name – The name of the club shall be “Taw and Torridge Camera Club”

2) Objective – The objective of the club shall be to promote the study and practice of photography for the mutual benefit of members and the wider community.

3) Financial Year – The Financial Year of the Club shall be from the 1st February to 31st January in the following year.

4) Annual General Meeting – The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February or March each year at which time the Report of the Chairman and the Treasurer’s Annual Statement of Accounts for the preceding Financial Year ended 31st January shall be presented.

5) Notice of Annual General Meeting – Members must be given at least 21 days notice of the date of an Annual General Meeting.

6) Annual General Meeting Quorum – Attendance of not less than 25% of the paid up members shall constitute a quorum.

7) Committee Nominations – A block vote will be taken at the Annual General Meeting to determine if members are satisfied with the current committee membership. If not, each position will be considered and a vote will take to place for the election of suitable replacements.

8) Constitution of the Committee –

The Committee shall consist of a minimum of 6 members:

- Four Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary Treasurer
- Two Ordinary Members

9) Special General Meetings – These may be called at any time by the Secretary at the direction of the Committee or by the Secretary at the written request of not less than 25% of the ordinary (non-committee) members of the club. The request must state the purpose of such Special General Meeting, which must be held within 21 days of the request being submitted.

10) Notice of Special General Meeting – At least 7 days notice of any Special General Meeting must be given to members, in writing, stating the purpose of such Special General Meeting.

11) Business at a Special General Meeting – No business other than that specified in the notice may be conducted at a Special General Meeting.

12) Special General Meeting Quorum – When the Meeting is called by the Committee an attendance of not less than 25% of the paid up members of the club shall constitute a quorum.

13) Committee Meetings – The Committee shall meet whenever deemed necessary by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Secretary.

14) Committee Meeting Chair – The Club Chairman shall chair all meetings, including the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman shall chair all meetings. In the event both are absent, an Officer of the Club shall be elected by those present at the meeting to take the Chair.

15) Voting – At any meeting where a vote is taken, in the event of a tie, the Chairman of that Meeting shall have a casting vote.

16) Committee Duties – The club shall be managed by the Committee, which is empowered to institute such regulations it considers necessary for the proper running of the club.

17) Sub-Committees – The Committee may appoint from amongst its members and other club members those to participate in a Sub-Committee deemed necessary to deal with a particular subject or activity. The Committee shall delegate to such Sub-Committee whatever powers or authorities may be necessary. The Chairman and Secretary of the Club shall be ex-officia Members of any Sub-Committee. A Sub-Committee shall circulate copies of Reports and/or Minutes of its proceedings to all Committee Members. A Sub-Committee may not incur any expense without the prior authorisation of the Committee.

18) Co-option – The Committee may co-opt further member(s) to serve a specific purpose if required. Such co-opted Committee Member(s) shall have full voting rights in any Committee decision relating to his or her role.

19) Consultation – The Committee is empowered to invite any person or persons to Committee or Sub-Committee meetings for consultation purposes. Such person(s) shall have no voting rights.

20) Conduct of Members – It is implicit as a condition of membership that members undertake to comply with and abide by these Rules and such amendments as shall be approved by a properly constituted General Meeting.

21) Membership of the Club – Membership of the Club shall be open to any person (except unaccompanied minors) interested in photography or digital imaging, on application, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

22) Expulsion or Suspension of a Member – If, in the view of the Committee a member is guilty of conduct contrary to the interests of the Club, he or she may be expelled or suspended from the Membership of the Club. No member may be expelled or suspended without first being requested to appear before the Committee to explain his or her conduct.

23) Application for Re-Admission – An expelled or suspended member has the right to apply for re-admission to the Club. Any such application will be considered by The Committee.

24) Membership Subscriptions – The subscriptions payable my members shall be agreed by the Committee, before the start of the club year. There will be two options available, an annual subscription or a 6 monthly subscription, both payable in advance. Annual subscriptions will be payable no later than 1st February each year. 6 monthly payments will also be payable no later than 1st February for the first half of the year and again no later than 1st August for the second half of the year. Subscriptions for new members joining during the year may be reduced pro rata at the discretion of the Committee. Payment of any subscription will be considered as a commitment to the Club, and no refunds will be made should any member leave the Club mid-year.

25) New Membership Trial Period – Prospective new members shall be entitled to 4 weeks of attendance at the Club under a visitor basis. This shall mean paying on an ad-hoc basis. After the 4 week period should that visitor wish to continue attending a Membership Subscription will be required. Such subscription may be reduced Pro rata as per Clause 24 and will be non refundable also as per Clause 24.

26) Honary Memberships – The Committee may, at its discretion, confer an Honary Membership on any person of their choosing. Any recipient of such Honary Membership shall enjoy all the normal benefits of club membership save that they shall have no voting rights. The length of any Honary Membership will be as long as the Committee deem necessary.

27) Visitors – The Committee may decide, at its discretion, to allow certain members to pay on an ad-hoc basis considering their circumstances. Such members shall have no voting rights, but may enjoy all benefits of the club providing that the ad-hoc payment agreed by the Treasurer is made for each visit to the club.

28) Alteration to the Rules – No Rule may be rescinded, altered or introduced without the approval of the members at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

29) Proposals to change the Rules – Any proposal to alter the Rules must be published in writing, indicating the names of the Proposer and Seconder, not less than 21 days before an Annual General Meeting or immediately before a scheduled Special General Meeting relating to the proposed Rule changes.

30) Interpretation of the Rules – The Committee’s interpretation of the Rules of the Club shall be final and binding.

31) Finance – The Treasurer shall maintain proper records of all monies received and paid and prepare a Financial Statement of income and expenditure at the end of the Financial Year. During the year the preparation of periodic statements showing the financial position of the Club will also need to be prepared for the Committee’s information.

32) Expenditure – The funds of the Club shall be under the control of the Committee and shall only be used in the furtherance of the stated objectives of the Club. The Committee is not authorised to enter into any expenditure or commitment it has insufficient funds to cover, and no expenditure may be incurred or order placed for a value in excess of £200 without the prior approval of the Committee.

33) Property – All property wholly or partly purchased by the Club, or donated to it, shall remain the property of the Club. All such property shall be under the absolute control of the Committee.

34) Liability – The club accepts no liability for any loss or damage to property belonging to members or visitors, nor for any injury sustained by members or visitors during its meetings or other club organised events. In addition the Club accepts no liability for any loss or damage sustained by members of the public arising from the actions of club members. Club members are responsible for their own actions and health and safety as well as that of others.

35) Winding up of the Club – In the event of the Club ceasing it’s activities and being wound-up, after the settlement of all outstanding financial liabilities any surplus funds remaining and club property shall be distributed as agreed at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Under no circumstances may any surplus funds or equipment be distributed to Officers or members of the Club, either individually or collectively.

36) Agreement to Rules- All paid up members will receive a copy of the above mentioned Rules and shall be required to sign and hand them back or their membership shall cease. Any member’s who do not return a signed copy shall be entitled to a refund of their Membership Subscription for the future, but not for any sessions they have already paid for. Any “Visitors” hereby agree to the Rules by attending the Club. “Visitors” will have been made aware of this, and this document made available to them through the Club’s Facebook page.